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What academics joining Urban Design at Monash Indonesia can be part of

By January 18, 2021January 20th, 2021Uncategorised

Future cities and urban challenges have long been part of the applied global research at Monash University

In this clip, Monash experts from human geography, urban planning and design, social sciences, engineering and transport studies and software engineering talk about how future cities need to be designed for people and need to be cities for everyone.

Be part of growing into an urban future

Our  search is now on for academic talent in urban design to join Monash Indonesia from 2021. Read on to learn more about how joining Monash Indonesia in the field of urban design will put academics into an epicentre where complex challenges can be addressed through education, research and collaboration 

Stories of Monash Indonesia

Professor Diego Ramirez-Lovering, Director, Informal Cities Lab at Monash talks about the distinct opportunities to develop urban design at Monash Indonesia that you won’t see anywhere else. As a key megacity of the world Jakarta is a place where we will see some of the critical challenges and opportunities facing the world’s population as we grow into an urban future. Monash Indonesia will be strategically positioned to train professionals to deal with critical issues like urbanisation, sustainability and digital futures, in a megacity that’s facing some of these very complex challenges.

The way we face many issues for contemporary society – climate change, population growth – will play out in big cities.

Master of Urban Design at Monash Indonesia

The first cohort of students at Monash Indonesia in 2021 have the opportunity to undertake a Master of Urban Design. This program provides an education focused on understanding and applying smart, sustainable urban design. It is an interdisciplinary course covering economics, engineering, environmental science, geography, international development and a variety of other fields that inform and impact city planning and liveable, sustainable development.

Monash Indonesia aims to equip a generation of highly strategic urban professionals, trained through project-based research and urban design studios and to integrate a range of perspectives that deliver frameworks for climate resilient, community engaged and technologically astute Indonesian cities. More is on the student recruitment website here.

Urban Design at Monash Indonesia connects with Monash strengths

The discipline of urban design is part of the Monash Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (MADA). MADA researchers undertake research on a number of social, economic and human issues. A key research theme is Reimagining Cities, working with diverse communities and culture, constructed and ecological environments to find greater sustainability, understanding and equity. A number of international projects are showcased here

Monash Urban Lab

The Monash Urban Lab has three research themes: Sustainable and Inclusive Cities, Urban Infrastructure Systems, Visualising Urban Futures. Explore here

RISE Project

A prominent project with recent success in Indonesia is Revitalising Informal Settlements and their Environments (RISE).

The five-year, multi-million dollar RISE program aims to implement water sensitive revitalisation of informal settlements through co-design processes in the cities of Makassar (Indonesia) and Suva (Fiji). The program involves a diverse interdisciplinary team, with experts from engineering, ecology, hydrology, architecture, landscape architecture and community engagement.

RISE is part of the Wellcome Trust’s ‘Our Planet Our Health’ funding program, with support from the Asian Development Bank’s ‘Future Cities’ program.

Urban Design at Monash Indonesia: collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches and local application

At Monash Indonesia Urban Design will be unique because of its engagement with urgent local issues such as:

  • Urban futures – urbanisation and the growth of mega cities
  • Sustainability; disaster resilience
  • Data futures – smart cities, transportation; how cities respond to challenges

Monash Indonesia will be transdisciplinary. There will be opportunities for Monash Indonesia academics in Urban Design to collaborate with academic on campus in the other fields of business innovation, innovation in public health, data science and public policy.

How to be part of it

We are now hiring global academic talent for Monash Indonesia. For more, check under Opportunities on our site here and visit the Monash University official microsite herebit.ly/MonashI