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Recent appointments: Deakin Defence Education at the Australian War College

Preparing, and inspiring, the next generation of defence leaders at the Australian War College

About the appointments

Deakin University appointed several important academic positions to join a team of established colleagues from Deakin Faculty of Arts and Education at the Australian War College. The appointments are for courses including the Australian Command and Staff Course and the Defence and Strategic Studies Course. In addition, staff will develop applied research that can align with the teaching program and defence priorities, building collaborations across Deakin and with external partners.

The positions are full time, continuing based at Weston Creek, Australian Capital Territory.


About the Australian War College

Since 2001, Deakin has supported the education and professional development of the next generation of senior defence leaders through its partnership with the Australian Defence College. This partnership is currently facilitated through the Australian War College.

The Australian War College is Australia’s senior professional military education institution and aims to provide graduates with an intellectual edge through a broad education in contemporary and future strategic challenges and opportunities. Deakin supports the Australian War College through the design and development of course units, academic advice to the leaders and facilitators of the program, and through the provision of postgraduate course options.


All the positions report to the Academic Principal, from Deakin Faculty of Arts and Education at the Australian War College, and are based at Weston Creek campus in Canberra, Australia.

Appointments are in Strategic Studies, Military Studies, Military History, Strategy and Technology, War Studies, Strategy and Diplomacy


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