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Recent appointments: Faculty Executive Manager at University of Wollongong


Congratulations to Kellie Ridges on her appointment to this position.

As the most senior non-academic staff member within the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts, the position provides operational management and drives forward the Faculty’s strategic direction and initiatives.

The role provides leadership across aspects of finance, student services, marketing, recruitment, facilities, research, teaching and learning, international operations, business development governance and planning. KPIs for success include fostering Faculty viability and growth, delivering on the Faculty strategic plan and improving Faculty rankings in external indices such as Quality Improvement in Learning & Teaching (QILT) and Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA).


About the University
UOW is a five-star university that is deeply committed to its region, and with an international outlook and campus footprint. It is a modern, research-intensive university that is tackling real world problems in an interdisciplinary and externally engaged way. UOW has a longstanding reputation for leading nationally in excellence in teaching and learning and graduate outcomes.
The University’s commitment to gender equity is exemplified in the Women of Impact program highlighting the work of leading researchers and educators.