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Recent appointments: Head, The Academy. Quite possibly the most innovative career opportunity in Australia

Search for Head of The Academy

We wish to be absolutely clear. If you’re seeking a highbrow position where you slide into an existing traditional setup, this message is not for you.

Indeed, what we are offering is something very different – quite possibly the most innovative academic career opportunity in Australia. Perhaps, the world.

The Academy at Western Sydney University is a leadership program, custom-built to unleash the potential of gifted, socially committed talent to impact and benefit the 21st century and beyond.

We are searching for someone who will champion new ideas and new ways of thinking. A revolutionary, if you will.

You may already know Western as the accomplished young rule breaker. And The Academy as the program which was recently awarded a prestigious accolade by the Australian Financial Review for a truly inspiring initiative to broaden and enrich the educational experience for high achieving students.

If you believe in change and empowerment viewed through the lens of humanity, you may be just the revolutionary warrior we seek.

If you care about our students, our university, our community, do not hesitate to contact us today. Because this revolution waits for no one.

For full details and a confidential discussion, prospective candidates should contact the search firm assisting the University. Email Karen Felder and Dr Rosalind De Sailly at TheAcademy@desailly.com.au

Full applications must be submitted to the email address above. Official closing date is 18 April, 2017.