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How we protect your data


The Association of Executive Search Consultants (aka AESC) is the exclusive global association representing only the highest quality firms in search and leadership consulting worldwide. AESC members always respect any confidential information entrusted to them by clients and candidates.

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) align with the standards of AESC Members and AESC’s Best Practices for Data Protection. By virtue of selecting an AESC member, clients can be secure in their choice of consulting firm, and can reap the benefits that only a trusted adviser can deliver.


As a Member Firm of AESC, De Sailly Search is committed to Best Practice Guidelines for the GDPR.


  • Member Firms may collect or obtain Relevant Personal Data in a variety of ways. In the course of conducting recruiting assignments for Clients, a Member Firm may proactively contact Candidates in its research and networking efforts. In the course of providing Leadership Advisory Services, Member Firms may receive Relevant Personal Data from the Client that commissioned the Leadership Advisory Services, as well as the Participants who take part in any assessments forming part of the Leadership Advisory Services.
  • Clients may provide Relevant Personal Data of Candidates, Participants or Sources to a Member Firm.
  • Member Firms may collect Relevant Personal Data from public sources (e.g., regulatory filings) or from licensed databases (e.g., professional platforms for hosting contact details of Candidates, Sources or Participants including AESC’s BlueSteps).
  • Candidates may send unsolicited career resumes and CVs to Member Firms or submit this information via Member Firms’ websites. Candidates and Sources may also update their details held by a Member Firm in order to keep their information current.
  • During the process of reviewing a Relevant Data Subject’s credentials and interviewing him or her in connection with a recruiting assignment, further Relevant Personal Data may be added to the file held by the Member Firm in relation to the Candidate, to assist the evaluation of the Candidate against the requirements of the relevant position.
  • In the course of general interaction with a Client, a Member Firm may collect Relevant Personal Data of individual contacts within that Client’s organisation.


  • AESC Member Firms might contact a Candidate via email to alert that Candidate to a possible opportunity with one of that Member Firm’s Clients, for whom the Candidate might be suitable; and
  • A Member Firm might wish to periodically send Candidates, Participants or Sources general information regarding the services that the Member Firm offers, and upcoming conferences and events that may be of interest to Candidates, Participants or Sources.
  • You can opt out of future contact by sending us an email with the words ‘opt out’ in the subject title.