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Who we are

Our team members, located in the UK, USA, Asia and Australia, bring more than 50 years’ leadership search experience in education, research and NGO sectors.

Our diverse team shares a commitment to finding the best candidates to build the future. Company director and founder Rosalind De Sailly has been in education for 20+ years, working in executive search, strategic planning, marketing, sustainability, international education, learning technologies, teaching and research. Our team brings expertise in organisational psychology, higher education, finance and law.

What we do

We help institutions find leaders who can transform education and futures.

Current and recent assignment positions include:

Executive academic

  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research, Development and Industry
  • Pro Vice-Chancellors
  • Dean of Creative Industries
  • Deans of Education
  • Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Dean of Law
  • Dean of Engineering and Sciences
  • Dean of Humanities, Social Sciences and Policy Studies
  • Dean of Arts and Education
  • Professor, Director of Centre for Chronic Diseases
  • Professor, Director Family Studies Centre
  • Professor of Law and Academy Director/Provost

Academic leadership

  • Head, School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications
  • Head, School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
  • Head, School of Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences
  • Head, School of Humanities and Social Science
  • Head, School of Social Sciences & International Studies
  • Head of Discipline, Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Head of Discipline, Social Work
  • Professor of Bioinformatics
  • Professor of Applied Linguistics
  • Professor in Mechatronic Engineering
  • Professor and Head of Hearing Research
  • Professors of Nursing
  • Professor of Operations Research
  • Professor of Cross-Cultural Psychology

Executive management

  • Director, Defence Research Institute
  • Director, Institute of Indigenous Education and Research
  • CEO, Pathways College
  • Director, International College
  • Directors, Learning Technologies
  • Directors, International Student Marketing &  Recruitment (based in Dubai and Australia)
  • General Manager, cancer research institute
  • Dean of College (student life)
  • Heads of College
  • National Academic Directors
  • Director, Learning Enhancement and Innovation
  • Director, Recruitment and Admissions

Why just fill a vacancy when you can build future strength?

The right leader in the right spot builds future capability in graduates, economies & society: the true purpose of any institution

More about us

De Sailly is a search firm with a singular commitment to education, and a particular focus on our region. We engage across the Asia Pacific because we see our region as the centre of the new world, with a vital community of institutions and academic leaders who are at the forefront of transforming knowledge and education.

De Sailly was established with twin aims. The first: help the education sector grow future capability by appointing the right people to key roles. The second: assist people to realise their potential through their next career move. Together, these aims can transform institutions, for the benefit of society and our planet. This inspires the work we do.

There is a shrinking global pool of academic leaders, with many nearing retirement. Our mission is to help clients to manage the challenge by appointing the best new leaders.

You can learn more about how we protect your data by reading our Privacy Policy.

De Sailly clients value:

  • Our singular dedication to education
  • That we understand their unique strengths and differentiation, to see the right fit with available talent
  • Our holistic view of the sector and region

We belong to the representative body for the retained executive search industry, the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC). AESC membership gives our clients and candidates the benefits of:

  • A network of the world’s leading and most trusted search firms
  • Access to the exclusive executive resume database, BlueSteps
  • Professional standards and certification


Building future capability in your organisation

In a sector that is under pressure, the best people are busy performing, not reading job ads. And with the proliferation of media channels, it is harder than ever to reach your audience via advertising.

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You need active search to connect you to the talented individuals who can build your organisation’s future. Working with us assures you will:

  • Build future capability with the best candidates with our experience and background, we understand your organisation, who will be a fit, and how to find those people
  • Enhance your reputation you need a dedicated consultant who can speak for you, to promote the opportunity and ensure that even unsuccessful candidates get a great impression of you

De Sailly Consulting adheres to the AESC Client’s Bill of Rights which sets out what to expect from a professional executive search firm. This assurance is a benefit to you of working with a member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), the worldwide professional organisation for retained executive search firms.


De Sailly Consulting is all about building future potential

Our approach helps candidates reach their personal goals through realising the next career challenge.

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  • We advise and mentor our candidates through each recruitment engagement, ensuring you present what you offer both well and credibly.
  • We keep the process as transparent to you as we can, and ensure you have all the information you need to make a considered decision as to whether our client presents the right career move for you.

We adhere to the AESC Candidate’s Bill of Rights which sets out what to expect from a professional executive search firm. This is a benefit to you of working with an AESC member firm.

We also recommend that you consider a membership to BlueSteps, the executive career management service of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), of which De Sailly Consulting is a member. Click here to learn more about BlueSteps

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